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SKU: MTW-9NT-0707

Wolverine MTW-9 Tactical Stock 7"

A beautiful SMG compatible with and providing the toughness, modularity, quality of an MTW. Up your CQB game! If you want an SMG without the headache, this is the only one you’ll ever need. The MTW-9 is compatible with ASG EVO Magazines.

Standard Features:

  • Billet Lower Receiver for ASG EVO 9mm Magazine
  • Billet Upper Receiver
  • 7″ Invictus M-Lok Advanced Rail
  • INFERNO Gen 2 HPA Engine
  • Op. Pressure Range: 80-140psi
  • Empty Mag Detection when using ASG EVO Mags
  • Tactical Trim
  • Comes with orange tip
  • *System requires a 7.4v LiPo battery (not included in the package). 
Tactical Additional Features:
  • “Warthog” Flash Hider
  • Premium Real Steel Grip
  • Heavy-duty Milspec Stock

Charger sold separately.

Must be 18+ to purchase

Standard Trim Tactical Trim PDW Trim